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I need to build a system to be able to support 4 monitors in two modes :
1. Individual display
I'll be running few VMs, and each VMs, and/or host machine, should be able to display on individual monitor.

2. Group display
Occasionally while playing some games or using some applications (data analysis, stock trading), I am able to group these 4 (could be in 1x3, 2x2) togather and show as one big display

Other requirements involved :

1. silent / quiet
2. Hackintosh support (I have yet decide if the host is Win 7 or OSX, but VM will have at least 1 OSX e.g. Mountain Lion)
3. simple to setup
4. Ideally the card(s) can work togather with the motherboard graphic card (I am sort of shortlisted Asus P8Z77 v Pro or Sabertooth Z77 and will be using E3-1245v2)

So far, from googling and asking around, below are some shortlisted solution :
1. Firepro 2460 (not easy to get at my location, and I also doubt it can support gaming well)
2. Asus HD 6850 (a bit pricey if I need to get two, as I am really confused how many monitors the card can support and will it meet my requirements, someone told me I need to get two to meet the requirements)
3. HD 6770 (need 2 cards, right ?)

I hope I can get some suggestions/comment from this elite forum if I have other choice like Nvidia which I read some comments that eyefinity does a better job in multiple displays. And if there are other better Radeon card I should look into.
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  1. 4 Screen , maybe you should try 7970 GHZ Sapphire Toxic. It supports 6 GB so you would most likely run it quite well with 4 screen. Since ur gaming , the best card would be the 7970.

    You can go crossfire with two 6770 if you want. ( As stated on your post )

    You should know that most AMD card above the 6000 series can run tons of screen, but if your gaming on 4 screen , your better off bet with 7970 or maybe crossfire it.

    Its just my opinion, dont hate (:
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