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So I've discovered a new anomaly on my PC where after booting up I get an extreme sort of screen tearing whenever my mouse goes over certain parts of the screen. This occurs on the desktop and on webpages, and is triggered when the mouse hovers over something like an ad or a video link. The issue is resolved if I unplug my HDMI cable and plug it in again, and the computer can sleep and wake without the problem reoccurring. This only happens on a fresh boot, and does not return any time that the computer is running or in sleep. It was occurring in Windows 7, I recently upgraded to Windows 8 and it still happens.

I'm running an XFX 6850 (currently not overclocked) to an Onkyo receiver, which then goes to a 32 inch Philips LED TV. Haven't had any other problems really, just this one oddity. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Kind of unsettling to see the screen jitter and flicker like this without any apparent reason, and I'd prefer to not have to mess around with my HDMI cables every time my computer turns on.
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  1. what is the screen frequency you got try to set her at 60 hertz on the computer video panel
  2. scout_03 said:
    what is the screen frequency you got try to set her at 60 hertz on the computer video panel

    Thanks for the reply. Had it set to 60 hz. Realized that the problem only started when MSI Afterburner loaded after booting up. I wasn't using it to overclock, I just had it running so that I could see fps and temperature on my Logitech g13 gameboard. Still not sure why that causes an issue, but at least it seems to be just a software glitch rather than a hardware issue. Wasn't really looking forward to paying for a new video card. Also, the glitch goes away when I change the resolution and then switch it back to 1920x1080, so that's a little easier to live with than unplugging my hdmi cable every time.
  3. do not exceed the max resolutionthat your tv monitor could handle that will keep you out of trouble
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