Is this compadible

I am going to build a new computer and i am wondering if these certain parts are compatible?
Intel i5 3570k lga 1155 cpu
evga gtx 680 ftw 2gb gpu
corsair vengeance 16gb ddr3 ram (8 by 2)
asus sabertooth z77 lga 1155 mobo
seagte barracuda green 1tb hdd
evga supernova 750b watt psu
asus black sata 24x dvd burner
AZZA 9000 white case

Should I let a local computer store build it or should I for the fun?
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  1. And also windows 7 ultimate
  2. Yes, 100% compatible, if you have the experience in mounting pcs, go ahead and save some money, which the local computer store will ask for.
  3. ok thanks, and what are some good sites for buying the parts? currently i use newegg but i dont know if there are any better ones.
  4. use

    i suggest going with a better psu like corsair hx750 vs the evga one.
  5. i would but i have a smaller budget and its QUITE expenxive
  6. how about the tx 750
  7. Ok, didn't know the price of the evga one, still try checking this one :

    It's silver plus, good brand and has 15% discount code.
    $89.99 after rebate.

    But the corsair TX750 is also a good one.
  8. oh thats good too. all of this would go into a gaming pc, would my setup take up the most fps craving games like crysis and battlefield 3?
  9. You can maxout Battlefield 3 and Crysis 2 with more than 60 fps @1080p.
  10. wow...and should i get an ssd?
  11. If you have money to spare, yes, get a samsung 830 128GB or crucial M4 (note : it's only worth if going with a 120gb or more ssd, 64GB just forget it).
  12. No, i wouldn't get a psu with 4 rails +12v @20A, it's always better a single rail +12v ~60A.
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