Asus 670 Black Screening

Got a 670 yesterday, threw in in, started it up and downloaded the 306.97 drivers. It was black screening every 15-20 seconds, during this the screen would flicker between my TV's no signal message and just plain black. It would recover after about 15-30 seconds and bring up the error message from the toolbar saying the Nvidia 'whatever' driver crashed and has recovered. I don't even have to stress it to do this, I couldn't get to a game or anything since obviously the screen kept dying, happened repeatedly no matter if it was idling at the desktop or internet browsing.

Looking for people having a similar issue I read the newest beta drivers can alleviate this issue, so I downloaded the 310.33 beta drivers. Now, I start the PC up, login, and the screen dies, no message about having no signal and it never recovers.

Then I read it can have something to do with how the card is aligned in the PCIe slot, I thought it was farfetched but tried it anyway, didn't achieve anything.

Using an Intel i5 2320 so PCIe 2.0, and have just came away from using AMD cards if that matters, I cleared all the AMD drivers I could find, using the CCC uninstall tool and deleting all the hidden AMD folders and files. But for some reason it still remains on the uninstall a program list in the control panel.

Anyone know how I can get this piece of *** to work? Put this here too since I'm not sure which is the right section.

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  1. Sounds like the card is unstable on factory clock speeds. Think you might have to RMA it.
  2. Brilliant, only the third in a row I've needed to RMA.

    If I'm not doing anything and its crashing at its resting clocks, 300mhz or whatever they may be, does this mean I got a total POS?

  3. Oh wait you have RMA'd 2 already?
    Might be a PSU issue, what are your system specs?
  4. I mean I've bought 3 GPU's for this build so far and they're all duds a 7850, 7950 and now 670. The AMD cards worked, just coil whine. PSU is a 500w Silverstone st50f-es, i5 2320, rest of the build is crap since its a prebuilt PC I got basically free. Has some rubbish looking Lenovo branded mobo.
  5. Just tried installing drivers without audio driver since alot of people say there can be conflicts, also tried disabling onboard audio in bios and uninstalling Realtek audio, nothing.
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