Installing driver for old HP 4C Scanner

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I have an old HP 4C Scanner. It is a SCSI attached

I have worked through, and successfully installed
the drivers need to get the SCSI interface to work.
Now, XP can "see" the scanner as new hardware.

However, I can't get XP to install the drivers
for that scanner. :(

XP correctly reports it finds new hardware, and
correctly reports it to be an HP C2520A (that's
the 4C's actual, full, model number).

The HP software has an HPSCAN.INF file. However,
I can't get XP to "take" it. Even if I specify
the path to the HPSCAN.INF file, XP reports there
are no drivers for my scanner.

If I browse the HPSCAN.INF file, under "[Models]"
there is a line:

%SCSI\HP______C2520A__________3.DeviceDesc% =

So, this _should_ be the right file to allow XP
to install the drivers for the scanner. No???

HP claims these drivers should work under XP, but
isn't supporting them anymore. :(

Is there some way to "force" XP into associating
this HPSCAN.INF file with the HP C2520A scanner I
am trying to install???
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  1. I have my old HP 4C running fine under Windows 7.

    It is attached via an Adaptec 2940 card. The Windows 7 driver has to be installed manually, use the AIC-7870 PCI SCSI (Emulated) driver. Once installed the scanner is immediately identified as an 'HP 2520A SCSI Processor Device' and listed under 'other devices'.

    Now you need a driver. Go to HP and download the sj166en.exe executable WinZip package. Find the setup.exe application in the DSIK1 folder and run as admin. Leave the SCSI adapter choice as the default. When it's done you'll need to restart.

    Now everything works find and results look good. The interface is a bit clunky but what do you expect for such old software?
  2. Is your PC running 64-bit Windows 7? Also, where can I locate the AIC-7870 PCI SCSI driver you mentioned?

    Adaptec has released a driver for 32-bit Win7 but no support for the 64-bit version.

    Would it be possible for the 32-bit driver to work on a 64-bit platform? If not, do you know or recommend any good 64-bit Adaptec card that can be used for the 4C scanner?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. The scanner is on a machine running 32 bit Ultimate. Thanks for the info on the Adaptec driver.
    Can’t help with 64 bit.
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