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So I spent some time trying to decide where to post this and decided on here. A couple months ago I built my husband a computer desk, with an see thru enclosure to house the cpu components. basically the hardware is laid out, mounted to the desk and enclosed so you can see everything running. Very cool, and when I was ready to assemble everything he realized it would put an end to him using the LR tv as a monitor. Occasionally we would move the CPU to LR when he has long weekends, etc so he can game out there, then the kids and I can watch. Also, it's just awesome on a 52" screen. His bday is in a few weeks so I'd like to find a way to transmit from PC to TV, about 40 ft max away, thru a closet/1 wall. I could run a HDMI thru the attic and back down, as we have a 1 story house, but I don't know how practical that is. I know they make wireless transmitters, but how good is the signal, would there be lag in gaming? Then what about the keyboard/mouse/sound??? I'm a bit behind in all the computer gadgets so hoping someone can point me in right direction. Thanks!
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  1. Running an HDMI cable would be your best signal quality. HDMI transmitters always have been a little iffy when I've used them. Keyboard and mouse can be wireless from the living room, as the signals are quite strong assuming your walls aren't extremely thick.
  2. If the mouse and keyboard are usb then you can buy extension cables for them and run them thru the walls. The hdmi is a gimme. I don't believe the wireless signals will travel that far, I have had trouble just moving across the room (my experience) and still getting either of them to work nevermind gaming AND being 40 feet apart. Sound cables at that length are no problem, but if you're using hdmi it carries the sound also so if you're using tv speakers you're good, if you have the tv plugged into a surround sound system then usually the tv has a sound out that plugs into the surround sound system so you shouldn't need any other cables for sound, the one does all.
  3. Sound does run thru sound system for tv, but not out of hdmi on pc because we have a sound card. So at the length the cables would be, prob 60 ft I'm guessing there wouldn't be signal loss/lag to interrupt the game, from any of the cables??
  4. Yeah, you're going to loose a little in bandwidth, the better quality cables you buy the less lag/drag you're gonna have, but I don't think it will be noticeable. Are you using an optical cable for the sound card? That will reduce most if not all lag for sound. But I can only guess about the lag of keyboard/mouse. It shouldn't be much or noticeable with the regular extension cables for those but, buy one, use the 60' cable on the mouse, and stay in the same room and see if you notice any lag. It still has to travel the length of the cable so you will know for sure what it's going to do. Once you've done that switch it to the keyboard and check that. Worst case, you have an extra cable you won't use and you know for sure about the rest. Best case??? Hubby gets to play in the same room with the family.
  5. I have to check on the sound card output possibility. There is an optical in on our LR sound system. but need to check on sound card. Thank you for the help.
  6. Also, you can check the motherboard itself. Nowadays, the motherboards support 7.1 HD surround sound themselves. They have individual plugs in case you don't have a surround sound system and have plenty of speakers, but, lots of times have the optical plug themselves thereby eliminating the need for a sound card.
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