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Hey, I recently purchased another Sapphire Radeon 7870 OC edition for crossfire and am having heat and crash issues. First off I started up Witcher 2 at Max settings which standalone 7870 OC edition couldn't handle and the game ran smooth as expected. Later however I was play AC brotherhood and after ruffly 15 mins the GPU's were running hot with loud fan speeds and eventually crashed and had to reboot. I'm positive Witcher 2 would have done the same, I just didn't play it long enough for it to heat up. I ran several games and every-time the GPU's just kept increasing in heat and fan speed. I've uninstalled and reinstalled drivers and are fully updated. I tested both GPU's by themselves and they ran great for a single GPU, but I need a boost for games like Witcher 2. My specs are NZXT Full Tower Case, with 5 fans, capable of 6, maybe 7 fans with my current set up, one of my fans is 200mm. CPU- 2600k, Motherboard - P8Z77-V LK, RAM-16GB Vengeance, PSU- LSP Ultra 750 Watt. Both cards are clocked at 1050 and memory at 1250. I've done optimized defaults in the BIOS, but have yet to try updating the BIOS. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    I will state right now that the ultra lsp 750w psu is a low quality psu, and you should not be crossfiring using it for safety reasons.(the 750w model only can push 540w)
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  3. that's a bummer, but thanks for the info that must be it, ill have to buy a new psu, not a big deal, I can make good use of the Ultra on a lower end builds, like a Ubuntu, thanks. Any suggestions on quality PSU?
  4. under crossfire, the 7870CF needs 600w(preferably all on the 12v rail) minimum

    OCN's list is a pretty moderately updated list with decent units categorized by watts.
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