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Curently, my video card and sound card both share IRQ 11 along with ACPI. I know ACPI has something to do with this but im not sure what. So far, everyone i've told about this, says I should move one of the cards to anotehr IRQ. I've also been told that moving to another IRQ can be like opening Pandora's box. My question to you is, should I move one of my cards to another IRQ? My system runs just fine like it is. No crashes no conflicts. However, my buddy has a similar setup with the video and sound cards on seperate IRQ's. In the flight sim Warbirds, he gets on avg. 20 fps more than I do. Any advice, tips, help, comments or links to a sight that can help me will be greatly appreciated. Thanx

My system:
mobo: giga-byte GA-7DXR
cpu: AMD 1.4 t-bird
os: win ME
video: MSI starforce 822 geforce 3
sound: SB live x-gamer 5.1
hdd: seagate 80 GB

only some minor tweaks here and there. NOT overclocked.

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  1. Best to move the sound card to IRQ 5 if available. In BIOS you can disable your COM ports 1 & 2 to free up IRQs if you don't use them.

    You can use Windows help to help you re-assign resources.

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  2. If you don't use your COM/LPT ports you could disable them in order to free up some IRQ's. If you're lucky ACPI gives an other IRQ to your soundcard or your videocard.

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  3. you need to set up pci irq steering, its in the device manager click on pci bus got to propties and check irq steering
  4. Believe me, you're asking for conflicts with a video card sharing an IRQ with a sound card card. Go ahead and change IRQ to 5 for your sound card, as previusly stated, as you will probably have problems in the future if you don't. Leave you video card where it is. That's a common IRQ for a video card. I bet if you were to try and run a 3d benchmarking program, that your problem would become evident.
  5. I'm also having a similar problem. I am using WinXP and have 8 devices all using IRQ9 which include my videocard, sound card, network card, ACPI, USB controller and a couple other devices. I tried changing my IRQ for my sound card to IRQ 5 (since that irq is not being used) but when I click the resources tab for that device the "Use Automatic Settings" box is checked and greyed out so I can't change it :( I have administration rights on my user account so I don't know why I can't un-check that box. Can anyone help?
  6. Check out your BIOS. Perhaps its reserved there. Try the coms bit above too.

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  7. I just became aware that Windows 2000 and XP were designed to have different cards sharing the same IRQ. That this IS NOT a problem if you have either of those 2 operating systems. Can anyone confirm this? I have win ME, has anyone heard of win ME designed to allow sharing of IRQ's???

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