Quesiton about bottlenecks/upgrading my system.

Hi guys, this is my first time using this website so I'm new in this. I want to know if my system will get bottleneck from the upgrade I will be doing. My current system is:

Motherboard: DH67CL
GPU: Sapphire 6850
CPU: i3-2120 @3,3
RAM: 8Gb 1333
PSU: 500w
1080p Monitor (1920x1080)

I'm thinking on upgrading my Sapphire 6850 to an Gtx 670 or a Sapphire 7970 and also changing my old 500w psu for a 750w one. But what I want to know is about my system getting bottleneck after I upgrade those two things.. (GPU and PSU). My new Gtx670 will work fine with my i3-2120? Also, if you guys have any suggestion for me (like changing RAM or changing my CPU) I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your patience and hope you guys can help me because I'm new on pc builds etc.
Much love, Grimly. :hello:
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  1. if you are not keeping your 6850, try to sell it or do folding@home on it.

    upgrading the GPU wouldnt bottlenck that much. the i3 performs very well still

    get this GPU instead of the 670 or the 7970. much better deal
  2. no need to upgrade psu to 750w unless your old one is total crap brand. either way a 550w should be enough
  3. I will totally upgrade my PSU since it's pretty old now and I'm having some problems with it. I was also thinking on buying the 7950 since it is a lot cheaper than those two but, why do you recommend me buying it instead of a 7970/670?
  4. its a lot cheaper and this 7950 can overclock like crazy from what i hear. i think it was around 1ghz or so. by then it would be a tad better than the 670 or 7970 at stock speeds
  5. and comes with 3 free games.
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