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Recently my connection to the internet has seemed to slow down. I'm running Win98SE, with a dial-up conncection, modem is an HSP56K Micromodem. When I'm connected to the internet, there seems to be some kind of Hard Drive activity going on, as the "Hard Drive Activity light" flashes at a high rate from time to time, as if it's deleting files. I have the "amount of disk space to use" (for temp internet files) set at 500MB. I remembered that Tech support at my ISP had informed me in the past that periodically deleting Temporary Internet Files was a good Idea as it would speed up my connection to the internet, so I went to the Control Panel/Internet options, and used the "delete temporary internet files" button there to delete the files. The internet options interface listed the location of the temp files as C:\Windows\Local Settings. After this, I went to the folder to check the status of the operation, right clicked to properties, which listed the contents at 35,000+files and 33 folders at 305MB immediately after deleting. I then Opened the folder to check the contents. The files appear to be cookies and icons. I also noticed that there are two like folders in the Windows folder named "Temporary Internet Files"-11,000+files at 77MB, and Cookies, only 1600+files at 506KB. Are all of these files nescessary? Can I safely delete any of these files (I like the Windows feature that automatically adds your username and password to log-in boxes), and Why are there two folders for Temporary Internet Files, both containing cookies, and a seperate Cookie Folder? Thanks for any help.
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  1. It is safe to delete the cookies.

    "A cookie is information that a Web site puts on your hard disk so that it can remember something about you at a later time. (More technically, it is information for future use that is stored by the server on the client side of a client/server communication.) Typically, a cookie records your preferences when using a particular site. Using the Web's Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), each request for a Web page is independent of all other requests. For this reason, the Web page server has no memory of what pages it has sent to a user previously or anything about your previous visits. A cookie is a mechanism that allows the server to store its own information about a user on the user's own computer. You can view the cookies that have been stored on your hard disk (although the content stored in each cookie may not make much sense to you). The location of the cookies depends on the browser. Internet Explorer stores each cookie as a separate file under a Windows subdirectory."

    They are used for banner adds, member authentication (e.g. Toms Hardwareguide Community will ask you to login if you've deleted the THGC cookie), etc.

    Deleting temporary internet files shouldn't speed up connection. On the contrary, it should slow down browsing of previously visited sites, as the site contents have to be re-loaded to your system. Regular use of the disk defragmenter should keep things fairly speedy.

    Are you running out of disk space?

    Are you dipping in to your swapfile?

    Either of these two situations could cause disk activity. On the other hand, have you got anti-virus/firewall capability? You never know...

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  2. IIRC, the HSP 56k micromodem is a soft modem, ie- software instead of hardware, so TSR's and such could be slowing it down. Right click 'my computer', select properties, select performance, see what your resources are at. If they seem low, say below 80% right after a reboot, go into msconfig and get rid of some stuff (be careful though). If you're not comfortable w/ that, do a ctrl-alt-del and end task on everything except explorer, systray, and your modem software. If that helps go into msconfig to get rid of stuff permanently. I've got a good link to a site that tells you what all that stuff actually is, if I find it I'll repost.
    Hope that helps! Sorry if it was too simple or poorly written, too! :p
  3. Camieabz: I don't think I'm dipping into my swapfile, I have two Hard Drives, one with 1.25GB open, the other with 4.0GB open.
    Adamnalina: Would greatly appreciate if you could locate the link for the website that explains what the abbreviations mean in either the Ctrl/Alt/Del/End Task window or in MSCONFIG. I'm a gamer on a budget with a 16MB 3D Card, and 128MB System Ram, so I don't have an overabundance of resources to work with and have learned to shut everything down in order to get adequate performance when running 3D-I Usually shut down everthing except Systray and Explorer before doing anything.
    The only thing that has really changed since my internet connection slowdown is that I have added a new contact to "MSN Messenger", which installs automatically with my ISP Software (MSN 7.0). To this point have had no contacts in that list, with which you can see a display showing the number of contacts online and send an Instant message. MSN Messenger has settings options in which I can add/remove contacts, and I beleive, completely disable it. Anyone have any experience with MSN Messenger? Thanks for your replys.
  4. If you don't want MSN messenger running...

    Open Messenger, click tools > options
    Under the 'preferences' tab, uncheck 'Run this program when Windows starts'.
  5. Thanks, Hammerhead for your reply. My problem has been CORRECTED! To whom it may concern-Issue History: Deleted Temp Internet Files, connection still slow, Deleted Cookies-no effect, Increased Modem Speed, didn't work, Changed Primary Connection Phone Number, no effect, Hid Connection Status from all contacts in MSN Messenger, no go, Called Tech Support, He had me go to Control Panel/Add Remove Programs/Select Internet Explorer 5.x and tools/Click Add-Remove button: A dialog box appears asking what do you want to do-click "Repair Internet Explorer" and re-boot. Connection now back to normal. Thought I would post this info in case anyone else experiences a similar problem. Thanks for your replys.
  6. <b>adamnalina</b>,

    I know that <b>DaveP57</b> has solved his problem, however, could you still post that link for the "site that tells you what all that stuff actually is" in Task Manager, if you find it? I can recognize some of the processes I am killing, but not all.

    Like Findfast . . . there was a time when my computer was running dastardly slow, and I checked TM and Findfast was listed twice! WTF was that all about?!? I don't remember how I got it resolved, and I still don't know what Findfast is or what progs use it.

    BTW, <b>DaveP57</b>, I also have the HSP 56K Micromodem. I don't know if you have had other problems with it like I have, but I've renamed mine to HSPOS.


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