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I am digging Windows 8 with my multi-monitor setup. I have mail and skype ('metro' apps) open on one screen and all my other work stuff open on the desktop on the other screen.

What I'd like to do is create a keyboard shortcut that opens both the mail and skype apps quickly and preferably positions them the way I like automatically (mail big, skype small snapped to the side). Is this a tall order? Is there any way to create a single keyboard shortcut for launching these (non-desktop) apps?


EDIT: Continued my googling and found this, but I'm still hoping for a simpler solution.
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    Hi, Im the author of the metro launchers you found. I made a new one that does exactly what you want. Launching two apps, configuring which snaps to which side and it also has rudementary monitor switching. Its working fine on my computer but its always nice to have a second opinion before releasing it.

    If you want to try it out, email me from the contact form so I can email you the file.
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