Decisions about a gaming computer

Im currently stuck in a making a decision...

Im looking for a gaming computer to keep up and not give me much static, Im not going to be going over the top running insane first person shooters.
But i would like it to be able to comfortably run games like Diablo 3 without hiccups, also being open to upgrades is nice since Im really not trying to buy a whole new computer every couple years.

I understand that building my own is cheaper and ill get exactly what i want.
my main problem, and maybe some can help with this as well.

i have a dell credit card, and dont have the cash to put out for a $1000 + system

so im going to be using credit

I was looking into Alienware's and while most of what i hear is bad rants about dell, Ive also seen some nice comments about it being a nice simple system and it seems kinda up my alley
Im no expert when it comes to computers but i do have a decent bit of the basics down

Maybe some of you could help sway my decision between certain Dell's and certain Alienware's

Or maybe some of you know where id be able to finance or payment plan a self built computer

Im gonna be running this on LCD tv (1080p)
20-30 in
and i like desktops

shoot me some goods or bads if you got em
i really just need help making up my mind
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  1. Don't buy Alienware - they will rip you off like crazy. Yes, they look good, but everything on the inside is either under-powered or proprietary (Meaning if it breaks, you're going to have a hell of a hard time fixing it up.)

    Dell (which owns alienware) also loads a lot of bloatware onto their OEM operating systems - meaning you have useless crap weighting your computer down.

    As for financing your own computer, I believe that Newegg has some decent plans - I'd check them out.

    Also keep in mind that you can spend way less buying parts, and get a better computer than spending way more buying, say, an alienware.
  2. Thanks for the feedback I have been really fighting myself because I want a nice gaming Pc but the money is tight. And I really don't want to settle for a pre built

    I'm just worried I might have to
    I mean I'm only using it for some basic games (as far as some game graphics go)

    I'm prolly only gonna be running TF2. Torchlight. Diablo3.

    But ill look into the payment plans if they have them. It would be a life saver. Is there a part of the forum where someone could give me some pointers as to parts?
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