4870x2 to 7870

Im looking to upgrade from an XFX 4870 2GB Edition gfx card to an Asus 7870 2gb.

My question is, am i going to see any noticeable difference? Obviously without taking tessellation and DX11 into the equation as extra's i can access, am i really going to see a jump in fps?

The main reason i need to change is that the 4870x2 is pulling excessive amp-age (sometimes 54a). I really wanna drop that as this card has already killed a power supply of mine, now it is causing the replacement when under load to power down the system without warning.

Without taking into account the major pain in the a** this causes, the worry is mainly how this will affect the rest of my system. So i think time to upgrade to a less power hungry card.

I have also taken interest in the asus 660ti. So secondly, which would be a better option? 7870 or 660ti?

Thanks, Gzuz
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  1. the 7870 would be a moderate upgrade from a 4870x2 . It will also allow you to use DX11 mode in games. As for a 660ti vs 7870 debate, the 7870 will have overall better minimum fpss if you included all games(this is due to the memory bus limitation on the 660ti). as for max fps, each card will probably hold different games.
  2. Aside from the features you named, and in addition to what trapper said, power consumption should drop quite well and A LOT less heat being produced in your case. The 4000 series were very solid but they were very winter-friendly for your gaming room. Overall though, the x2 card was fairly powerful, so I don't think you're going to have a huge bump in FPS, mostly just features/capabilities.

    Just curious, what power supply are you running? No video card should be responsible for killing a power supply unless it's undersized, over-rated according to the sticker, or a cheap unit with junk capacitors or other cheap internals.
  3. The 7870 would give you a good boost in performance for sure, it's a very solid card, and you can overclock it pretty well if you want to.

    As for the 660ti, I'd get a 7870 over it any day. The 7870 is a more flexible card and will handle anything you throw at it quite well.
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