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I'm building a budget PC for a friend. He needs a no frills machine for basic office use, music storage, youtube, etc. Zero gaming or pro apps.

I've been happy with my own AMD FM1 build. I went with the A6, with WoW being the most intensive thing the machine does.

My budget is a strict $400 (that includes Tax). Currently, I've built out a system that comes to about $342 after tax. I'm using brands that I've used and have been satisfied with (ASUS, Kingston, Corsair). I'd love any advice on the build, or suggestions to get it even further under budget. I think I may be going overkill on the power supply, but my mamma raised me not to skimp on the PS. I'd also like to keep it MicroATX.

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  1. Look good.
    Truly, that PSU is overkill, go down to 340-380w psu.
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