Which of these three builds for gaming, help!!

Which of these gaming builds do i buy, HELP COMPUTER/GAMING EXPERTS!! (more info at bottom)


CPU speed: 3.5 GHz
Cores: 4
Memory: 4 GB
Hard drive: 320 GB
CD / DVD: CD + DVD writer
Monitor: No monitor
Great PC plays all the latest games will come with windows 8 pro installed and Microsoft office 2010 no disks.

parts are :

Ati Radeon HD6670 2GB DDR3 and up to 2.8GB of HyperMemory Support.

Kingston Hyper Memory X Blu 4GB DDR3 1600mhz

AMD Quad Core Black Edition Phenom II Processor Clocked @ 3.7ghz per core. OVER 14Ghz of processing power

320 GB Hard Drive Enough space for movies,games etc.

ASUS M4N68T V2 Motherboard with AM3 Support.

TP Link wireless card Yes it is WIFI Ready.



CPU speed: 2.7 GHz
Cores: 4
Memory: 6 GB
Hard drive: 2 TB
CD / DVD: CD + DVD writer
Monitor: No monitor
Great quad core PC housed in an awesome looking case!

- Intel i7 920 2.67GHz quadcore/8 thread processor.
- 6GB DDR3 ram
- 2TB hard drive
- Additional 500GB hard drive
- Nvidia Geforce 9800GTX+ graphics card. Has DVI and HDMI outputs with SPDIF audio pass-through.
- Asus P6t motherboard
- Logitech CD/DVD writer
- Antec 900 case with internal lighting, side window and massive intake & exhaust fans.
- 650W Thermaltake power supply.

Also includes Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse, and USB bluetooth adaptor.



CPU speed: 12 GHz
Cores: 4
Memory: 8 GB
Hard drive: 1 TB
CD / DVD: None
Monitor: No monitor
Good computer to do ANYTHING

Watercooled I7 running @ 3ghz per core (12ghz total CPU power)

8gig ram

1000gig HDD

Over 800 full length movies

Around 12000 songs

MoBo - P7H55-M/USB3

Cpu model - Intel Core i7 870

GeForce 8600gts graphics card

High end power supply


radiator needs soldered-$20 @ radiator shop)

But I Have Used 3 Fans Of Radiator and it been running smooth as haven't had a problem will have to buy new screw to put fans back on radiator as i have misplaced them they cheap as from the computer shop


PLEASE help i have these three builds i could buy but want to know what one ois best, id love to tell my friends i own a watercooled i7, i also like intel and would like to overclock any of these, i think i will ,but need help as these close soon and wana know which to bid on, HELP!!!
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  1. darkchief1 said:
    OVER 14Ghz of processing power
    (12ghz total CPU power)

    Utter tripe that is.

    None of them, all are using fairly old components and wont run modern games all that well.

    Depending on how cheap some of them are running for, it may be worth buying to strip for parts (Case, HDD, RAM, the watercooling if its any good). But you will need more info on the components before you buy for that purpose.

    In a nutshell, dont buy these systems. Build your own, these parts are too old and to upgrade will require a whole new system essentially.
  2. You should have included price & well, more detailed specs However if it were me I'd go with the cheaper choice between 1 & 3. Use the money you save to further upgrade the system.
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