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Catalyst control center stops working when tripple monitors are connected

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
October 28, 2012 4:00:50 AM

Hello , I have a Very unique problem you wont find By goggling it Ha.

I have been running infinity for the past year with no issues... I just recently updated my pc with new Mobo and SSD.
and i had best buy install everything and hook it up correctly! i even verified it, but when i brought the pc home and hooked up all three monitors again, as soon as windows loaded CCC came up with an error, Catalyst control center : Host has stop working.
MY old specs never has this issue... my old set up was...

600T case
old junky motherboard nothing special
1090T 3.2 AMD
one 500 gig HD for windows and games
four 1 tb hard drives for storage
6990 4 gig MSI video card 12.10 drivers
850 wat Ocz gold edt power supply.
three LED samsung 2 ms BX2331 21 inch monitors
two monitors hooked up mini display ports the main was DVI port
no eyeinfinity problems with drivers or anything worked correctly.

New spec
600t case
gigabite 990fxa-ud3 montherboard * NEW *
1090T 3.2 AMD
1 128 samsung ssd *NEW*
four 1 tb Hds for storage
6990 4 gig MSI video card
850 wat Ocz gold edt power supply.

best buy completely installed and updated everything and i confirmed it all at the store, also 12.11 drivers in stalled on video card
fresh copy of windows

anyway came home
hooked everything up like normal and BAMM as soon as all three monitors turn on the windows screen , CCC: host stop working error..

I have tested the monitors individually all work fine solo Or in pairs But if i attempt to plug in a third monitor the DVI port in. * CCC HOST error *

I only have two mini display port - dvi adapters so i haven't tested if the third monitor give me n error if all three are in mini display ports...

ANYWAY i have swapped drivers over n over completely stress tested the system.. Even volt-metered the power supply everything is perfect...

NEW help anyone ??? Best buy Is stumped and so am I .

Jayson Duble

October 29, 2012 10:05:21 PM

issue was my adapters where not correct for my video card..
Two passive and one active ..
dvi to HDMI passive
dvi to HDMI passive
hdmi to HDMI Active
problem fixed.