New build works but sometimes gives single post beep in endless loop.


Ive just built this system using

P8b75-MLX mobo
i5 2500k
8gb 1333 corsair
550w psu

mostly it works just fine but sometimes without any warning it will shut down and then restart with a single beep and instantly shutdown, restart, beep, shut down and repeat.

Once I shut it off by holding the power button and restart it restarts fine again until the next time.

Any pointers to where the issue may be or how I can narrow it down would be appreactaited.

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  1. System is still doing this and Im no closer to finding the solution! If anyone has any suggestions at all it would be great!
  2. Any messages in the Event Viewer?
  3. sorry noob question..whats the event viewer? :)
  4. to add to this i bought the mobo as a bundle with the i5 3570k but swapped it with an i5 2500k. Any chance this could be the cause of the issue? somehow.. though im sure if it were compatibility issues it wouldnt boot at all..
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