Gaming Video Card Need Some Advice [300-500CAD]

Hey Guys,

I'm in the market for a new video card. I'm currently running a GTX275, and I mean I'm able to play MOST games on High settings, I just miss being able to play everything maxed out. And I'm getting back into ARMA II and BF3 which I'm scaling down the settings on these two pretty low.

I try to play most Triple A games out there, but I usually come back to BF3, ARMA II and Skyrim which I mean are GPU intensive.

I currently have ONE 21.5 Inch LCD FULL HD Monitor, and I have a 600 dollar budget. I was planning on getting a GPU and another Monitor, but depending on what you guys suggest it might be more then monitor, or none at all.

I'm currently looking at the GTX 670, and GTX 680, which are both in my price range, but I saw the 660ti, as well, and I want to SLI these cards eventually, but some people are saying the GTX700s or the GTX6x5 refresh is coming in the next month or so and I don't mind holding off another month for a refresh.

Enlighten me guys. I'll format this thread more beautifully eventually, but I hope this gets the point across.

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    Get the 7970. Best bang for your buck. Can beat gtx 680, and with over clocking come near 690.
  2. Well the bench's say otherwise, and the 7970 that is faster than the GTX670 (GHz Edition) is 450+ while the GTX670 is about 380+. And Apparently with the new nVidia driver's they are about even now. Is this the case?
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