Computer won't recognize keyboard or mouse ( no OS)

I just built a new pc this is my first pc build. on first boot it beeeps and loads the screen "insert Operating system disk and press enter"
when i try to plug in a keyboard and mouse nothing happens, the keyboard has no power nor does the mouse. i have tried a ps/2 adapter with no luck.

2 x 4gb mushkin 1333 ram
1tb western digital blue
and it has a 520 gfx card in there for now ( doesnt have onboard gfx)
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    Make sure that you have the keyboard plugged in before you turn on the machine. Start hitting DEL, after the beep, to see if you can get into the BIOS. Is the keyboard wireless or wired?
  2. wired
  3. Now I got into the bios what should i do to fix this usb situation cause if i exit the bios pressing enter on the black "disk boot failure, insert an operating system and press enter" still wont work so do i need to turn on somthing
  4. Well, you got into the BIOS, so the keyboard is working. You have to have the OS disk in the drive to continue.
  5. Well if you can find a keyboard on PS2 (The old technology, failproof) just use it to set it all up and when its all done use ur good new one
  6. If you want a USB keyboard to work on things that require PS/2 keyboards, such as DOS/etc, turn on "USB Legacy Device Emulation" in BIOS.
  7. Change your USB ports. This mobo will have both USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports. Connect to the 2.0 ports.
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