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Im running windows 7 ultimate 64- bit 8gb of ram, intel i5 2500k 3.3ghz and an asus P8Z68- m pro gen 2

Ok so my computer runs fine with the onboard graphics but wont post with a graphics card, the fans all spin fine even on the graphics card , ive tried two different cards now and still nothing... ive tried looking for a way to change the boot options to pcie instead of igpu so ive been told but i cannot find any settings in my UEFI boot mode... ive tried many things such as clearing the cmos and unplugging everything
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  1. What graphics cards did you try and what is your power supply unit?
  2. Sunius said:
    What graphics cards did you try and what is your power supply unit?

    Im using a 700w OCZ modxstream psu and ive tried an EVGA geforce GTX 460 and a sapphire hd 6570
  3. Did you connect the monitor to the graphics card when you tried it? Or did you leave it connected to the motherboard?
  4. Ive tried both methods even vga instead of dvi
  5. I changed the settings in the bios menu to detect PCIE as primary sintead of auto or IGPU but when it restarts it changes back to auto and as soon as my pcie slot detects a card it doesnt post
  6. Do you get any error beeps? Are you certain both graphics cards are not faulty and work in another computer?
  7. no error beeps and both cards work fine in other motherboards
  8. Do you have a beeper connected to the motherboard?
  9. when i try the sapphire card i get power to my mouse and keyboard but no display
    when i try the gtx 460 i get no power to my mouse , keyboard and no display
    ive tried updating the bios and still nothing
  10. Is the beeper connected?
  11. I cannot fully connect the beeper because the cord from my case will only allow me power in one spot and the way the plug is for the case it wont attach to the correct pins on the mobo
  12. i have a missing SM BUS controller driver but i cannot find the correct download for it anywhere, im not sure if that would affect the pcie slots
  13. Take the motherboard out of the case then :). We need to know if it beeps or not.
  14. Doh ! Read the manual. that came with the board, you need to find the section in the bios menu that says
    System agent configuration agent. Top of the sub menu list is where you enable internal or disable.
    or tell the board to boot from external graphics card first. ok. Look at section 2.5.2 to do with the bios config in the manual.
    You need to set the options first in the bios, with just the on board graphics chip on, set the settings to use Pci-e interface as primary graphics card.
    After that save the bios settings. Power the system down, and insert the Pci-e card into the blue slot only. Make sure you connect the extra power feed from the Psu to the Graphics card if required, and also make sure you plugged in the extra 12v power connector located next to or near where your cpu sits on the board, as this also provides power to the Pci-e slot from the main board. If at any point you failed to follow this. in the right order then its why it is not working with a card in the Pci-e slot but it is with just on board graphics chipset.
    Pdf manual download link.
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