Evga 660 Ti/FTW vs 670 FTW

Hi , I'm thinking of getting a mid-high level GPU to play games, and help in photo and video editing. I don't really want to spend to much , but if its money well spent, and something that will be more "future proof" , then so be it.

I was thinking of a 570 , but a newer , evga , 660Ti is cheaper at £225 on Scan.

The SC version is £70 more, but theres the FTW version with what looks like non - ref cooling for £240

Then there's the 670 , which ( I was basing this on that fact that a 660Ti was £250 ) was a little bit more , at £300 , which has that bigger memory bus [ not sure how much of a difference this makes ] and is about 10-25 FPS better than a 660Ti.

I also just saw this signature 670 with dual fan cooling ...

Now though , I'm not sure if it's worth £75 more than a more than capable 660Ti....



i5 3750k @ 3.4 ( might OC it soon )
Asus P8Z77 V-LX
Corsiar Vengeance 8GB @ 1600
Windows 7 64-bit
Playing on a Dell Ultrasharp @ 1900 x 1200 .
CM Storm Enforcer + mabye additional 200mm top fan

Don't really want to spend more than £300, the cheaper 660Ti means I can get a new mouse/keyboard and still keep the both of them under that 300
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  1. the 570 is horse manure next to the standard 660. the 660ti is over priced for the small amount of performance over the standard version. So either a 660 non ti or a 670........... with either the 660 or 660ti you may have to make concessions at higher settings in some games because of the small memory bus.
  2. Since the rest of your build is solid, you could get away with the 660 for acceptable frame rates in most games. However, if you are after serious performance and want to be more "future proof" then get the 670.

    (By that I mean that you are more likely to skip a generation if you get a good card now. This can save money in the long run and give you better performance. I have seen far too many people go 460-> 560 -> 660 when they could have gone 470 -> 670 for the same price. I hope this helps)
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