New graphics card, but getting very low 3D Mark 11 scores

Hey guys. Not long ago my GPU broke down (an old 8800GTX), so I purchased a new GTX570 to replace it. I did a fresh install of windows and all my drivers are up to date, yet when running games I noticed seemingly lower performance.

I've run 3D Mark 11 on the 'Performance' setting and received a score of 3391. On the comparison chart, other users with similar systems are getting between 3500 and 4500. Similarly, in the detailed breakdown my maximum fps is 33, with most at 25 or 15 and I'm benching a pathetic 5 fps in the physics test. These scores seem incredibly slow, and I don't know what would be causing it.

My system specs are:

- Intel Cored 2 Duo E6850
- Nvidia GTX 570 1.2Gb
- ASUS P5ND (motherboard)
- 4 Gb RAM (1*2Gb + 2*1Gb)
- 750W PSU
- Windows 7 64-bit

It's not an amazing set up, and I know my CPU is throttling my GPU, but these framerates seem very bad, particularly the physics one. In CPU-Z it recognizes my 4Gb of RAM, but says they are running in single-channel @ 350 MHz, could this be the issue? I have them plugged in (from left to right) 2,1,X,1 which is what the motherboard manual recommends. I only mention this as I read a thread elsewhere where a user was having his PC bottlenecked by his RAM.

Any help would be brilliant, and if you need any more details I'll provide them.
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  1. Is that combined score or graphics score?
  2. I would blame the CPU, physics test is CPU dependent, so when it's FPS is low, your CPU is slow. It's too slow for your new GPU. I think you better get a new LGA 775 processor (Although it's not recommended, because there better ones are rare today). You also can get a new CPU+Motherboard+RAM.

    Your suite score should at least be P4500 to say that your GPU isn't bottlenecked by your processor.
  3. you listed 3 gigs of ram not 4* in an odd configuration. how's that supposed to run in dual channel mode ?

    what game is getting less fps ?.......... the 8800 doesn't render DX11. DX11 will put a hurt on some cards. Any way to test that or those particular games in DX10 with the "new" card ?....or disable all or most of the DX11 features in the games control panel ?
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