Help choosing GPU

So I recently got a new 600w PSU and a radeon 7870 GPU


i7 860 @ 2.80 ghz

8GB ram

GPU/PSU listed above

I have been having problems with the GPU, it seems to be faulty and Ive just had nothing but problems since I got it. I RMA'ed it to newegg for a refund not a replacement. this was the card I had.

So Im gonna be choosing a different GPU, and aside from basics I really don't know what I'm doing as far as choosing.

I have some extra cash saved up and would like to get something better than a 7870, I looked around and came up with these..... are they good choices?

on sale for under $300


Also I talked to this guy thats nothing but an acquaintance whos also some sort of computer programmer or something like that, he seems to think he knows everything about computers and I told him about my problems with the new 7870 I had, before I even told him what kind of card it was he was like "let me guess, its a radeon.... haha" he looked at me like I was an idiot and told me my system wasn't best compatible with that type of a card.... I dont even know if this guy is credible or just and idiot..... should I avoid radeon cards or was he just bias? That old card that crapped out on me was reccomended to me on these forums.

So I basically want a great card for gaming at 1920X1080 gaming, what should I go for?
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  1. You bought a Radeon 7850...

    Well, I think that guy doesn't know what he's talking about. As long as you have a PCI-E x16 slot, you're good to go. The problem with you is that you're unlucky and you get a faulty card, it shouldn't be a compatibility issue. Yet, I know that guy doesn't know about computers because he said 'let me guess, it's a radeon'. If you are saying the word 'Seventy-Eight Seventy' Then Straight I would say that's a radeon, without guessing :p. I'm leaning towards the 7950 because it performs better. Also, I hope your PSU is OK and from a good brand, because bad PSU can cause the system to fail too.
  2. If you can hold off for a month you'll probably be able to get a good deal for black friday / cyber monday.
  3. The psu is a corsair 600w

    I bought a 7870 I just accidentally linked the 7850 version, my card looked exactly the same as that one I linked tho.

    I was leaning towards the 7950 as well, is the sapphire one I linked a good choice?
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