(Help!) New MSI HD7750 'Crash and recovers' during game

Windows Vista SP2 32-bit
4300 Core2Duo 1.8ghz 1.8ghz

-Everything at stock (cpu,gpu,ram)-

Hi guys, got this graphics card about a month or so ago and installed 'Catalyst Control Center' for the AMD gpus with also the latest drivers.
Just today I've been hit by a number of graphics related issues.

Problem 1: During game (DotA 2) my graphics would just crash and 'recover'. The game would freeze for about 5-10 seconds then the screen would turn black with only the cursor showing. I can alt-tab to my desktop but am unable to continue playing until I ctrl-alt-del and end process + restart Dota.
Restarted computer and did some single player tests still happens.

Problem 2:
Earlier today my monitor gave out on me, it just stopped working. Wouldn't even power on when connected solely to the power cord (no graphics cord). I tested this with 2 power cords. Maybe this is just a coincidence.

Problem 3: Encountered BSODs saying something about 'Memory Management'. Encountered one yesterday and today. Also might be a coincidence.

Problems 1 and 3 occurred with my old graphics card the Nvidia G210 which led to me buying this new one.

What I want to know is are these problems common?
Are they linked together in any way?
Are there any fixes?

Any thoughts and comments are much appreciated. Thanks guys!
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  1. power supply specs?
    temperature of gpu during gaming?

    (edit: im already leaning towards it being your power supply)
  2. Hi, thanks for the reply and sorry that I took so long, went to sleep after my post.
    300W stock psu, I know it's pretty bad but I've read that the 7750 should run comfortably on a 300w.
    Any other possible causes besides the psu?
  3. ur problem is psu 100% Even 450w branded is caped. SO i suggest u aim for 550w min. BSOD is coused by bad driver.
  4. ^ 430w branded psu is more than enough for hd 7750.
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