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I am currently using Google Calendar as my calendar of choice. I have it set up to sync with Lightning (the Mozilla Thunderbird extension that basically adds Sunbird). I also use Rainlendar for my desktop calendar. It doesnt sync with GCal. My question is:

Is there a way to set lightning to automatically back up my remote calendar to use with rainlendar?

I have Rainlendar set so it will read every time there is a change to the .ical file.

If this is impossible, does anyway have any suggestions as for what to do? I also use rainmeter, if that helps.
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  1. I Have figured it out. Sorry for not looking harder. Feel free to delete this.

    For those who were wondering,
    Set it to export the calendars (local or network) to a certain place, and point rainlendar to it/them. Then choose the option to reload .ics files.
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