Can this power supply run Sapphire HD 6570 1GB DDR3

I have a 420W PSU. Here are the specification.
Power supply specification :
Linkworld LPJ9-25. Output power: 420 W
- 1x80mm fan, thermal control.
- PFC.
- connectors:
- 1x 20+4pin;
- 1 x 4pin 12V;
- 1 x 4pin Floppy,
- 3 x 4pin Molex,
- 2 x Sata
- Retail box
- packing unit: 10pcs/carton; 400pcs/Pallet;
- measurement: 1,45cbf/carton.
I have a quad-core AMD CPU, Phenom II 925 2.8GHz. 2 DDR3 2GB RAM sticks, 1HDD, 1DVD burner and 1 cooler.
Is this PSU enough for that graphic card?
Thanks in advance.
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  1. those are the recommended psu for this card on amd ,why you dont get a slim card with a fan for better cooling?
  2. What kind of slim card, can you give me an example please?
  3. something like this|14-127-612^14-127-612-TS%2C14-102-958^14-102-958-TS%2C14-121-441^14-121-441-TS they also got some from nvidia
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