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So I've recently recieved all my parts for my first build from (will be assembling at Christmas):

-CPU: Intel i5 3570 @3.4GHz
-GPU: 2GB MSI Radeon HD7870
-MoBo: MSI H77MA-G43
-RAM: 2x4GB Corsair Vengeance
-PSU: 600W Corsair Gaming Series
-HDD: 1TB Seagate
-Case: Enermax ECA3250-BW

I will be using this for mainly gaming and also University work, maybe even 3D CAD if I get interested enough in it.

I am extremely happy with the parts. My question is, seeing as this is my first time build, would it have been a worthy investment to buy the 3570k instead? I am in no way interested in overclocking at the moment, it would be something I would be looking into near the end life of my CPU.

How long will this non-k CPU last? I mean in terms of being a good CPU to game with. I know now that MOST games rely more on the GPU so do you think this could last me 2-3 years?

Also if I did get the 3570k then decided I wanted to overclock, I've been informed I would have to get a new compatible MoBo and a better cooling system. Is this true? I wouldn't mind upgrading the cooling, but if it meant having to upgrade MoBo as well I would rather just upgrade the MoBo and CPU at the same time.

Side note: Been looking at keyboards (not interested/can't afford mechanical at the moment), at first I seen the Cyborg V5, but I'm not really a big fan of all these crazy over the top "gaming" designs. Then I noticed the Microsoft Sidewinder X4. Is this a good quality keyboard?

Thankyou for your replies!
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  1. You should get more focused on your University work!
  2. Haha, I definitely will be when the time comes! I'm only on my first year, and fortunately I've done more than half the stuff already at A-level. So now is the time to game! :D
  3. The time to ask questions is BEFORE you order.

    Yes, a Z77 or P68 based motherboard is needed to unlock the "K" multiplier.
    I might have suggested that a "K" and a Z77 based motherboard would have been a good investment for your money, turning your pc into a 4 year build.

    That said, what you have is good, but without the opportunity to OC, you may have to replace it sooner if you need cpu power.

    If you can, go to a store, and try out different keyboards. Everybody has different tastes.

    But, you bought what you need That is good.
    "future proofing" is usually not too smart.
    The future will bring better and cheaper parts.
    You can't predict what you might need in the future.
  4. Thanks, that's all I needed to know. I am happy with my build. A friend, who's a big pc enthusiast, helped me choose the parts. It was just going to bug me if I realised I only needed to spend £20 more to unlock so much more potential.

    Now I have my first build I definitely have a lot of time to learn so much more about PC building which is good.

    And yes, I guess you're right about the future proofing aspect. I've been looking into building my own PC for ages, just lacked money. When I was messing around with choosing parts about a year ago, I was getting like half the power that I am now.

    Thanks again for your answer!
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