Windows 8 2nd monitor Bug (Picture Included)

Ok so I have a fresh install of Windows 8 64bit installed. As soon as I install AMD Drivers I get this weird distoration on my monitor(refer to pic 1 to see)

On my second monitor it does nothing, I have tried hooking up the hdmi or dvi and it has same effect. If I unistall the AMD drivers it removes the issue.

Also everything worked fine on Windows 7.

Here is a pic of my 2nd monitor which you can see is working fine.

I don't know if there is anyone that has had a problem like this before or any tweak that I can do.

I have also tried the Beta drivers, and it does the same thing.

I am running quad 7970s, on a i7 system.

Anyone please help me get this fixed, I hate my second monitor lol
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  1. Hmm, there has been problem with amd and windows 8 lately. Some people's system don't pick their card up or have problem with games running on really low fps. I think the cause for this is because the gpus now are based on windows 7 and the drivers to adapt them to windows 8 aren't the best. Best thing is to check you have all drivers updated, restart your system, etc. and look on windows 8 forums about this problem. It's a new OS so there's bound to be bugs.
  2. Have you installed the latest update for Windows 8: ???
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