Need help diagnosing computer freezes

Hey i've build the following Vista system 4 or 5 years ago, and have been experiencing freezes lately

Asus P5Q-PRO

Intel C2D E8500 3.16GHz

Asus Radeon HD 4870 (1Gb ram)

Samsung Syncmaster 226BW (a bit older than the rest)

4Gb Corsair Ram

Corsair TX 750w power Supply

Seagate 500 Gb Harddisk

Intel SSD (newer than the rest)

The freezes will typically come within 10 minutes of starting up the computer, the computer and Vista will always start up ill do my stuff and suddenly it freezes.

After the freeze my computer will not immediatly restart, either there is no signal to the screen, and no beeps only the fans seem to start or else it starts up and freezes whilst loading the bios or Vista. But after waiting a couple of minutes it will start up unproblematicly, when the computer has managed to stay active for some time the freezes will stop and i can use it freely untill it has been turned off long enough to cool down again.

Since the problem pops up in a variety of situations and after happening will extend into computer startup i'd think it was a hardware problem

I don't have a lot of money currently and would really like to diagnose my problem whilst my computer still works so that i can change the faulty component in case the situation worsens without having to buy a totally new system.

But i dont have access to spare parts that i can test with

So in the end my question is if anyone can help with suggestions based on the info given? or knows a good way to diagnose my system using logs or tools and the like and systematically single out faulty components.

I should probably add that i suspect my graphic card to be the issue due to sometimes having some weird grapichal glitches in videos, but i guess this could be due to a number of things and might not be directly related

I'd be really grateful for any kind of help and suggestions
Best Regards :)
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  1. Hi, I would test firstly in safe mode for half an hour or so. See if still the same.
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