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2 vga ports

Hi, I don't want to buy a new graphics card for my upcoming build yet, but I need to use 2 monitors with only vga input. I will be using the gigabyte z77x d3h, which has 1 vga, 1 dvi-d, and 1 hdmi. I will be using the intel graphics for a while. I will just be doing productivity work on my pc until I get a graphics card. is there any way I can buy a port for an expansion slot or a really cheap adapter or converter? biggest question is whether I can buy a $4 hdmi vga cable and just connect it to the monitor and make it work.
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  1. You could use a dvi/vga adapter. Something like this perhaps >>
    Good luck.

    Edit: (took alittle while to find one) Or hdmi/vga adapter >>
  2. Sorry, but your motherboard has a DVI-D port. It is digital only and can't support the analog VGA connection.

    Same for the HDMI port. It is digital only as well.

    You will have to get a video card to use both monitors. What is your available budget?
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    A converter (not an adapter) might do the trick. A stronger solution would be an inexpensive video card like this one:
  4. If I go with a converter, should I go with the $20 because it provides more info?
    2x 1280x1024 monitors
  5. I would much like to wait to get a video card because when I get one, I want it to be good
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