Video card upgrade geforce 6600, help, suggestions

Hello, my pc is as follows
ECS 945P-A (V3.0)
intel core 2 duo 3.4ghz
3.0 gb ddr2
thermaltake 430w psu
geforce 6600 < ANCIENT
pci-e 2.0 x16

my video card is ANCIENT and needs to be upgraded, it can just manage dota2, on the lowest settings

im concidering GeForce GTS 450

what can my pc handle?, i would upgrade the psu if necessary

any help or suggestions appreciated thanks

from australia
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  1. hi there MINDGAM3 !!

    wud u mind telling ur budget ?? :)
  2. What ever you do - Never Settle !!

    Make sure you get an AMD GPU.
  3. AS its an older system i just want to prolong the life for a short while longer before i do a full overhaul
    $200 would have to be max budget, as id surely have to upgrade my psu

    im currently concidering upgrading to an


    and a 700W psu

    thanks for your quick reply
  4. Make sure you get an AMD GPU. "Never Settle". Do your homework. 7000 series.
  5. the hd 7000 series are all pcie 3.0
    my board is pcie 2.0

    wouldn't it be a waste as the card would only perform at 2.0 level?
  6. No.. it makes no differene what so ever have pcie 2.0 as opposed to 3.

    I am at 8x on each card (rather that 16x pcie 2 u would be on with one card) - not bottle knecked at all by the pcie bus
  7. now also considering

    ASUS Radeon HD7850 2GB
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