Problem with my computer! Please help!

Yesterday when I was playing a game on my computer it randomly shut off, I didnt think much of it, thought maybe it just over heated. So I left it for a little bit and went back to it. Now when I go to start my computer the lights turn on and fans spin for a second, then it all shuts off again. Then when I try to turn it on again nothing happens, I have to pull the power cord out and back in again to get them to spin for that second. What is going on?! I know its not an overheating problem, anyone know whats going on? Please help!
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  1. Sounds like it could be a bad power supply.
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    Recheck all your power connectors on the motherboard, videocard(s) hdd and fans. Make sure none of the memory sticks came out of the slots and are securely snapped in place, Especially make sure the cpu cooler fan is plugged in and running. Also, I would try resetting the cmos just in case a bios setting went eyry.
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