Help Please Help,I Have No Clue :(

Hello guys I am seriously seeking some help as everything I have done has failed!!

I have a Alienware X51 i7 PC with a Nvidia GTX555 Graphics card.

I am pretty much a novice when it comes to anything inside a PC but have caused myself rather a terrible problem :(

I was having issues with my frame rate on certain games and decided to reinstall my graphics card drivers etc etc

I read online that the best way to do this was to install driver sweeper and remove all traces of the hardware and do a complete clean install.

I installed the program and deleted what I was asked too according to the post but the minute I did "NO DISPLAY"

I researched for a few hours and after resseting the COSM I was able to recieve a picture without the Nvidia card connect.

But ever since then when attaching the Nvdia card the PC will shut itself down and reboot itself after couple of seconds with NO PICTURE!?

I have tried connecting it in safe mode,Normal mode but everytime I connect the card into the PCI the PC dies,Reboots but with no signal.I have also tried restoring the drivers on the driver sweeper program both in safe mode and normal mode but no luck,Also I have tried a system restore to a few days before the incident which didnt help

I am running the PC through a HDMI cable to the pc and do not have a mini HDMI or DVI cable to connect direct to the graphics card
(Not sure if this would help anyway)

I am unable to download the drivers from Nvidia direct as I need the graphics card connected in order to download and run the installer which obviously results in no picture so that is also a no go.

I really do not no what to do guys any help or advice would be so helpfull!!

Kind regards
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  1. If you want the card to work at all you need to be connected to a display output on the card, simple as that. You were probably having framerate issues because you were running off M/B graphics and not the card itself. Only install the card when the power is off to the PC and it is unplugged!
  2. Would you have any ideas on why this is happening as in shutting down and rebooting itself and also the above and or what I should do next?
  3. Get yourself a DVI cord or mini HDMI cord so you can connect directly to the card, then plug the card in to the PCI port (while the computer is powered off and unplugged!!!). Make sure you are connected to the card and the TV then reboot your PC.

    You shouldn't fiddle with the innards of your PC while it is powered on, that's prolly why it is rebooting. It says no display because it is sending the video signal through the card which you aren't connected to.

    Get back to me once you have done this, it should solve your problem. If not we can troubleshoot more from there. Just buy the cord from a local store, if this doesn't solve your problem then you can always return it. Although the cord would be significantly cheaper online so you should buy one from a walmart and one from newegg and once the newegg one ships to you just return the walmart cord.
  4. Thank you so much,I will update after I get the cord,Thanks again!
  5. I look forward to reading the results. Hope this solves the problem for you.
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