Please stop giving away games and just make the cards cheaper !

Don't know about anyone else but it seems to me that these days a company will offer just about anything as a selling point short of actually cutting the price of the product.

I realise that there are some pretty well priced cards out there at the moment, seriously though things are getting just silly with free games now.

Why not just offer cheaper hardware ? I realise there will be some dealings going on between the companies and a £30 game wouldn't be the same difference as £30 off the price of the card but even £10 would be something.

Sure it represents value to those that want the game/s on offer but what about the rest of the people who don't want the bundled game ?

Mactronix :)
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  1. they probably get a deal from the game companies where a 30 dollar game will be 10 dollars with their contract + mass quantity... or AMD owns/has relations to the game. Ohwell, $260 for a 7870 looking good, probably should wait for a $220 mark tho
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