3 monitors for Flight Sim X

Hello, I am trying to decipher all the info available on this site for adding 3 monitors for FSX.
Do you have to use one video card for all 3 monitors or can you use the built in SVGA card and an additional SVGA card (for 2 monitors)?
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    You cannot use built-in and external graphics at the same time. Sorry. You'll have to use a video card with three outputs.
  2. I was afraid of that was going to be the answer.
    So...what do you recommend then for a good Video card for 3 monitors? I have read many articles talking about video cards but perhaps, since you responded, you could suggest what you are possibly using for this?

  3. I just did some searching online...Do you know of anyone who has used Kensington's Universal Multi-Display Adapter? Supposedly, you can add a third monitor via the USB port with this setup. My concern though is if there might be a "lag time or a small distortion" with the display that is hooked up this way.
    All suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  4. Never heard of it. Your Googling is as good as mine.
    I don't know how demanding FSX is, but I know 6770s are cheap, fairly good and support three monitors.
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