HDMI monitor not working with PC

Hi everyone,
I bought a Samsung HDMI monitor yesterday (model: S22B370H) for my Z68P-DS3 motherboard which has only an HDMI output. The monitor was working fine when connected to my laptop, although with some flickering.
When I connect to the PC, rarely it shows a display till the Windows Startup booting screen, after which it is totally blank. The monitor is recognizing and HDMi input but is not displaying it.
The Samsung warranty guys are clueless, and hopeless. Can you please help me out here??
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  1. Just to confirm, are you using the on-board/integrated video from your motherboard? If so, make sure your BIOS has that option selected as the default video device.

    If you are using a stand-alone video card, you need to connect to the video card and not the motherboard connector.

    Please clarify.
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