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I just recently upgraded to Windows 8, and I had to reinstall my drivers. I downloaded drivers from the Sager Website and installed AMD graphics drivers in the windows 8 package. When I go to start Catalyst Control Center or Switchable Graphics, the mouse cursor just shows that the cpu is working (litte spinning thing) and then nothing happens. Please help!
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  1. Are you trying to say that your gpu isn't showing up? If that's the issue than either A) your drivers failed to install and initialize. Or B) windows 8 is having some compatibility issues. I would try restarting your computer first. If that doesn't fix the problem re-install the drivers, and if that doesn't work either you should try and reinstall windows 8. Sometimes this happens with new OS
  2. No I mean that Catalyst control Center and the Switchable graphics programs wont start.
  3. CabooseMSG said:
    No I mean that Catalyst control Center and the Switchable graphics programs wont start.

    Ah, ok. I presume it was working before the driver update, right? Then it would still have to do something with the drivers. If you made a system restore point right before the driver download then restore to that point and check if you can open up the CCC. That way we can isolate where the problem is coming from.
  4. No, the Drivers were working before the Windows 7 to 8 update, after I updated I had to download Windows 8 drivers and that's what I did, but it isn't working.
  5. Yeah it's similar to other people's problems to. After upgrading to 8 people have experienced gpu's not being picked up, monitor distortions, etc. This is most likely because the drivers are made to adapt to windows 8 instead of being made for them. Usually I tell people not to upgrade to the new OS right away because there is always bugs, so the only thing I can tell you to do is just to stand by and wait to see if these issues are resolved. That or downgrade back to 7 and check around a bit to see if the 8 issues are resolved
  6. Alright, I had half a mind to go back, Is there anyplace that Windows 7 is still on my hard drive? Or would it have been deleted? I downloaded it through my college.
  7. I have had a lot of problems with graphics drivers on Windows 8. It seems that only the latest graphics cards support Windows 8 properly and that older cards have patched Windows 7 drivers that don't work well. You should check your graphics card manufacturer web site to see if they are updating the drivers for your graphics card in the future.
  8. Please install the latest update to Windows 8 to see if this helps.
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