AX6750 1GBD5-H and crossfire without bridge???

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering whether or not anyone here had any experience crossfiring the model listed above . It does not have a crossfire bridge connector, and it says crossfire x is not supported. However, according to the crossfire compatibility chart, 6750 (and 5750) cards can be crossfired without a bridge if NEITHER card has a crossfire bridge connector. Does that apply to any and all 6750's/5750's? Thanks
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  1. Hey,

    I realise this is a bit late and you have probably moved on by now, but I thought I would throw in my two pennies worth anyway.

    To Answer your question... the short of it is 'No' according to AMD anyway, haha, sorry I cant give a straight answer.

    "AMD specifically mention in their Crossfire Compatibility chart that while the 5750, 6750 and 7750 do not explicity require a bridge for Crossfire, some models produced by AMD partner will feature this, and if this is the case it must be used."

    So if you dont want to use a bridge I suggest you get two cards which dont feature one. Though this is simply going by what AMD say and could true in most cases but not all I suspect, which begs the question wether its worth he risk if you really, really dont want to use a bridge.

    Hope that helps.
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