Graphics Card Problem?

Hi everyone, i have a new (2 days old) gaming PC, it's working great, getting awesome FPS on all my games, but when i played Blacklight Retribution, on certain pieces and bit of the map they will pixelate, only when i run up to it, one tile of a bridge will part pixelating with black pixels, and a few other objects do it too.
I'm running the game with max settings, but i've tried to change them so it stops but no luck.

My specs are:

Sapphire HD 7870 2G
i5 3570 3.4 Ghz

Any other information needed just ask me, thanks for any replies.
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  1. Anyone know?
  2. Different games behaves differently on same machine. I have played two games the weaker one was looking distorted graphically but BF3 was looking superb. So these problems does not imply that your GPU is bad or something.
  3. Check that your GPU drivers are updated and that the game is patched to the latest version.
  4. Go into the CCC, and check the 'mipmap image quality' is set to the max.
  5. ricky T23 what will mipmap quality setting do
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