Ways to improve system and possible current flaws?

Hello, I have recently been having bad dreams about my psu, as I have read some very bad reviews about it and have began to worry about it going out on me. I have thus began to wonder if I should, or need to, get a more reputable psu for my system.

I have also been wishing to try mild overclocking out, but have been torn about mixed reviews on my motherboard's potential to overclock limiting my cpu. Would my 3570k, in general as some chips are created more equally than others, be able to achieve 4.4-4.5 on my msi z77 g-43?

Finally, would a hyper evo 212 be able to keep my processor at acceptable temperatures if overclocked to 4.4-4.5 or would more aggressive cooling be needed?

Thanks, and if you think of any other potential major flaws, besides lack of ssd, in my system please let me know.


CPU: Intel Core I-5 3570K


HDD: Hitachi Deskstar 2TB 64MB

RAM: Corsair Vengeance lp (2x4GB) 1866mhz

PSU: Thermaltake TR2 600w

GPU: MSI Twin Frozr 7870

BD-ROM: LG Black 14X BD-R...

Case: Cooler Master Half 912

Please let me know if you find any errors in the post.

Thank you.
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  1. http://www.eggxpert.com/forums/thread/323050.aspx

    if you're going to wanna change that PSU, best i can recommend for the cheapest price is Corsair's CX v2 series. it's not particularly the best, but it's an improvement over your Thermaltake based on the above link. Antec EarthWatts green and Neo Eco are also awesome. some other options below;


    as for OCing your CPU, no two chips, despite being the same model, OCs the same. IB CPUs are notorious for it's heat once you need to crank up the voltage around the 4.2-4.3ghz mark. if you're unlucky, you may end up with a chip that OCs up to 4ghz without raising the voltage. i've heard of one user here who was lucky enough to get a rare chip that he could OCed up to 4.5 without raising the stock voltage. overall, despite your motherboard, you're only way of knowing how far you can go is to give it a try.

    as for cooling, the hyper 212 EVO is sufficient for modest OCs. once you OC to the point of needing to raise the voltage, consider going for a custom water loop if you want to keep that OC. otherwise, if i were you, i'd be happy if i can get 4.1-4.3ghz out of it with a Hyper 212 EVO.
  2. ^Yep. I got a lucky chip - I'm running at 4.4GHz and 1.2v, and that's not putting out even enough heat to be more than a few degrees above ambient. I've seen people who can't even hit above 4.2 GHz without increasing voltage drastically.

    In this example, my thermal limit is right there at 4.5GHz. If I tried to jump up that cliff, it would take a lot more voltage and thus more heat.

    My hyper 212 + would cool it just fine - I'm currently using a 140mm flat cooler due to space constraints on my motherboard, and it keeps me going fine, even though I am overclocked as far as I can go.

    If you get lucky at all, an EVO should take you between 4.2 and 4.5 GHz.
  3. Is it a TR2, or a TR2 bronze?

    The original TR2s are the horror story ticking time bombs. The bronze are ok. totally different manufacturer (FSP who are good). Thermaltake was moronic to reuse the name.


    The conclusion page here explains the difference, but its for the 700W.


    I probably wouldn't replace a TR2 bronze if not near the rating. I wouldn't buy one to start though either. A regular TR2 definitely needs replaced
  4. -Non Bronze, probably should get that sucker replaced soon then.

    The most I could afford would be $80 could anyone make a suggestion as where to start?

    -Would a 4.3 Ghz overclock improve performance in gaming that much over stock if so what about vs a 4.4 Ghz?

  5. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817151094&nm_mc=AFC-C8Junction&cm_mmc=AFC-C8Junction-_-na-_-na-_-na&AID=10446076&PID=3938566&SID=

    personally a seasonic fanboy, so naturally, i'd recommend one. good price, plenty of power for a single 7870 build + 3570k, good quality.

    if you want something modular;


    limited time offer btw. should also be plenty for 2x7870 in crossfire. or if you doubt 620w is plenty for dual 7870 CF, there's this;


    some games benefit a lot more with a higher clock speed, some don't. i'd keep your expectations slightly lower than 4.3ghz if you wanna OC with a Hyper 212 EVO, and just hope for the best. again, it'll take a big deal of luck to actually have a chip that you can OC up to 4.4-4.5 without cranking up the voltage.
  6. Thanks, on both accounts. I have come to wonder if my board would be able to fully utilize a 7870 crossfire due to having only one gen 3.0x16 and have thus decided not to crossfire in the future. With that in mind, I looked into the various psu and have come to the conclusion that seasonic is pretty much the best out there reguarding their entire lineup of psus with corsair in second. I know that seasonic manufactures the psus for many other companies, so would there be a great deal in difference of quality in the units of companies like xfx and antec who have their psu's manufactured by seasonic, but with supposedly their own variations in the designs. I have heard the antecs and xfx's are cheaper, but they are not as good as corsair or seasonic is that true?
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