Is the 460 gtx compatable with my system?

hi im new to this site and i wanted to know if the gtx 460 is compatable with my computer. here are my specs:
Amd a6-3670k quad core 2.7 Ghz w/ HD 6530
GIGABYTE FM1 AMD A55 Hudson D2 DDR3 1800 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard GA-A55M-DS2
4 Gb of ram
160 hdd
480W psu

here is a link to the video card:

i also wanted to ask that what settings would i be able to run battlefield 3 in?
thanks for looking and have a good day:)
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  1. I'd recommend spending more money on a 7770. It'd have similar performance to a GTX 460 192-bit, but the power consumption difference is great enough to recoup the initial cost differences in less time than you'll be owning it, possibly several times over if electricity isn't dirt cheap for you.
  2. I agree i would get a better card for the money also i would NEVER buy a gpu used..Thats just me tho
  3. I bought a card similar to this on ebay used, i never had a hook. Just watch the users ratings on there. In this guys case, 100% positive with 900+ sells, I'd order from him/her. That 460GTX is amazing, even with 768MB but i think the price is also fair. I'm not a fan of ATI at all, i find their control panel a bit messy and driver support as always been bad. Nvidia all the way, them CUDA cores do wonders for my AUTODESK and Adobe Products.

    *EDIT* Read the description, it don't come with the fan and shroud, its a modded one with a 120mm fan.
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