Upgade From 5850 to 7770?Worth it?

Yo guys hello,
At the moment i am having xfx 5850,i`ve god some more money to spend so these days i`ve beeing watching 7770 review`s.I saw it overclocks very well,and most times beats 5850 at 1280x1024 resolution.Its a lot quiet than a 5850 and uses less power.What do u thing?I am going go fell a lot of differences if i upgrade?
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  1. I wouldn't do it.

    At such a low resolution, the 5850 should be perfectly fine.
  2. The 7770 is a downgrade in most things, maybe everything. So I wouldn't.
  3. ^ +1

    7770 are more like 6850 or 460. and don't look at overclock performance as a base to determine which card are faster because OC was never a guarantee thing.
  4. Unless you really want lower power consumption, don't bother. The 7770 is actually a downgrade from a 5850. You might be able to get the 7770 to be a little faster than your 5850, but only if you can achieve a good overclock, which isn't guaranteed.

    If you really want an upgrade, you should be looking at a 7870 at minimum. Even then, it likely won't make a real difference over your 5850 at your resolution, the 7870 is really meant for 1080p gaming.
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