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I decided to go in to my computer and do some cable management. After that, I plugged all the peripherals back in, and the power, and turned on my computer. However, after starting up momentarily (lights flash on, fans spin up), the computer would shut down before it would post. It would continue this, powering on and off without posting, on its own (it was restarting).

Does anyone have an idea of what the problem could be?

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot the problem?

There were no problems prior to me fiddling around with the cables I have double checked and all the cables are secure and where they should be. No components are overclocked other than the video card, which was factory overclocked.


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  1. dan check that the 24 and 4/8 pin atx cables are on tight. i would then check that the usb and ide power cable are on right and straight. check for any bent pin on your hard drive if you disconnected them. most times with pc and cables is you miss a pin or a row of pins or bend a pin or two. i would go back into your pc when you can see well..daylight and a good flashlight and make sure did not miss any pins or put a cable on backwards. also check your video card that all the plugs are connected.
  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the reply. I have checked every cable and pin to ensure they have been plugged in correctly, and the pins are straight. I have taken out the sound card, and I took out and reinstalled the video card. Does this mean that the problem is motherboard or CPU related? Or is it the power supply? The ram? Or is it more likely that I'm missing some small detail.

    BTW my specs are

    i5 2500 (non k)
    corsair a70
    Intel 330 ssd
    nvidea gtx 560 ti
    8 gb mushkin silverline ram
    620 watt seasonic modular PSU

    There were no problems before the fiddling aorund with the cables.

  3. dan make sure you plug all the power plugs back into the video card.
  4. All cables are connected.

  5. OK

    I restarted my computer again this morning which told me my overclock was not successful, and when i restarted the computer it works fine. What I think may have happened is I bumped in to the OC genie button while fiddling around.

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