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I recently bought a MSI GTX660TI 2gb Power ed. card and i managed to get a hold of a cheap Asus GTX670 2gb card and i'd love to be able to use both of them.
I did read through the sticky post with info on SLI/CrossFire and found:

What happens if the cards have different speed
*For ATI cards;
One of the cards will raise/lower its clock speeds to reach the other card's speeds.
For Nvidia cards;
Well it "was" like ATI with older drivers, but with new drivers its quite different.If you use 2(or more) Nvidia cards with different clock speeds in SLI mode,none of them will change their clocks and they will perform at their default clock speed.*

Does this mean you can combine for example the 660ti and a GTX670 card and benefit more from it than with 2 660ti cards, or would the 670card lower it's speed to match that of the 660ti card?

Thanks : )
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  1. No you can't sli a 660 ti with a 670 as far as i am aware
  2. Nope.
  3. Alright, guess i'll sell it again then.
    Thanks for the answers : )
  4. Your welcome!
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