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Hello, My old mb died and I'm waiting for a replacement. My question is if I get the same brand and model mb, can I somehow load the computer back to its previous state using the ssd with everything loaded on it or will I have to reformat and start all over again.

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  1. That way it should work with the old ssd. You may have to reactivate windows. Only changing to a totally different chipset that requires different drivers causes real problems.
  2. thanks,
    ok, so when i put it together will it just start as normal, or will it need to load some things first? will i get a choice to keep my original files or will it just do what it wants and i should just go with the flow? I didnt have much stuff on the ssd as it was mainly for the os and battlefield 3 and antivirus and a cpl of others that dont mean much. in saying that i dont really care if i do reformat or not, is it safer to reformat or will it be fine trying to keep my original stuff?
  3. you can try it, but most likely you will have to reinstall windows
  4. fair enough, id rather a fresh system anyway, thanks for the replies
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