AMD CAP PROFILE 12.10=Decreased performance

2x 4890

I've been playing guild wars 2 on cap 12.9 for almost a month now and my performance has been great. I ranged anywhere from 25(in the very most crowded areas) to over 100 fps. 90% of the time I get 40-60, which is incredible for 4 year old components. Well 12.10 came out a few days ago and even though there was no mention of GW2 in the update notes, I decided I may as well have the latest. Well thing is, now I'm getting noticeable less frames than I was before. The game just feels extremely sluggish. I have since rolled back to 12.9 and everything is fine. I was just wondering why this is the case?
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  1. The drivers affect diffrent features the developers deem to be more or less important and they may change things they deem need more tweaking makeing less powerfull cards feeling the change quite dramatically..
  2. Changes from 12.09 to 12.10 were not dramatic. You may as well stick with 12.09 for the moment.

    New drivers are less focused on the older hardware, so I'm not surprised that performance may sometimes degrade on older cards. I'm only one generation behind, running an HD6850, and already the much-publicized performance improvements in 12.11 do not benefit me at all.
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