Will the i3 540 bottleneck the GTX 650 Ti?

I plan to upgrade to a GTX 650 Ti. I have a core i3 540 CPU clocked at stock settings (3.06 GHz). Will the i3 540 bottleneck the GTX 650 Ti?

Intel Core i3-540:

GTX 650 Ti:

Thanks in advance.
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    That completely depends on each individual game or program you run. If you play a really CPU intensive game then yes it could quite possibly bottleneck the GPU. On the other hand if you play a really GPU intensive game then the GPU could quite possibly bottleneck the CPU. Both are entry level components so they will probably work well together.
  2. skyrim will be bottlenecked wheareas bf3 MMO will be little bottlenecked only & signle player would not be just for example
  3. So there will be no significant/noticeable bottleneck. Glad to hear thanks guys.
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  5. I wanna ask wheather hd7770 would work wid i3 3120 also hd7790 wil wrk or bottleneck
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