1080p: 7850 vs 7870 vs gtx660 vs 7950

I have been experimenting with the build I would like to buy...

Because of budget constraints I can go for 3 different builds, all of them similarly priced:

b75 mobo + 7950 + i3 3220 + 8 gb 1600 RAM + cheap case (no SSD)

z77 mobo + 7870/660 + i5 3450 + 8 gb 1600 RAM + gud case (no SSD)

b75 mobo + 7850 + i5 3450 + 16 gb 1600 RAM + cheap case + SSD

My gaming will be at 1080p.

I will be playing AC3, Mass Effect 3, Crysis 2, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Max Payne 3, Arkham City, BF3...

Also I want the system to be atleast playable for Crysis 3 and Watch_Dogs.

I also will be using a single VM.

So I have tried doing my own research but I am basically stuck at this point.

And if I am advised to choose the 2nd option: then which should I choose between the 7870 and the gtx 660?
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  1. second option with the 7870, it's a great ocer and the gtx 660 (non ti) has about the same performance. i think the i3 will bottleneck not sure about this though, so yeah 2nd option
  2. Go Z77 with 7870
  3. The z77 and 7870 is your best option if you can't shell out the cash for the 7950 with that build. You can overclock the 7950 to damn fast speeds.
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