AMD APU + AMD GPU= Crossfire?

Hello, what will i do if i want to run Crossfire on my system?

AMD A6 3650> Processor
AMD Radeon 6670 1gb Ddr3 128 bit>Graphics Card
Asus F1A55-M LX PLUS>Mobo
4Gb Ram

It says that AMD's APU Processors can support crossfire or dual graphics card options, so i wanted to try and test if it can work out.

Oh and by the way, do i need ahh i dunno like the Nvidia GeForce SLI Bridge connector or something i dunno what's the name in AMD but is it needed? like do i need to have a connector? to run it in Crossfire? Plus my Mobo does support Crossfire.
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  1. In crossfire the second GPU is downclocked to run at the same speed as the least powerful card out of the two. The integrated GPU on the A6 CPU is crap and in crossfire it would be like having two of them. You're better off just using your 6670 as a single card.
  2. So it's better to run on my 6670 rather than doing crossfire on the APU's Integrated GPU and The Discrete GPU...

    Well can you clear out to me, and maybe for some instance i can buy a new pair of GPU's which are able to run in Crossfire, Can you tell me what do i need like a part or a bridge connector like the ones in the Nvidia SLI config?
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