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I've been looking for a decent forum discussion about the HD 6000 and HD 7000 generation of GPUs running Nvidia Physx and FXAA. I know that some people were able to run Physx in games w/ Hybrid Physx . But what about running it w/ a single Radeon card (e.g. 7950) in your system? Is that possible?

If you are wondering about FXAA in an AMD/ATI GPU i found this:

Please reply of you have any ideas on how to run Physx. Thanks in advance! :D
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  1. I believe PhysX processing on GPU could only be done with nvidia's GPU.
  2. refillable said:
    I believe PhysX processing on GPU could only be done with nvidia's GPU.

    Agreed,From what I can see,you still require the Nvidia card as primary and then an nvidia or AMD for physx.AMD does not do physx on its own,Its an nvidia thing.
  3. Both FXAA and PhysX can be used on a AMD GPU.They just need to be enabled manually in some cases.
    Here's one example.
  4. I can run Borderlands 2 with PhysX on my 7970 at max settings with good framerates.

    It was greyed out until Steam done an automatic update on the game, which seemed to install PhysX by Nvidia (as seen in Programs and Features in the Control Panel).

    I tried the in game benchmark with Mafia II with everything full, but the frame rate was terrible. Average was around 17 or less.

    Not sure about any other PhysX enabled games (Arkham City etc) as I've not tried any other ones.
  5. I can also enable FXAA in Dishonoured.
  6. some games can be force activated settings by changing files, or the program letting you change the settings. for borderlands 2 situation, it can be changed by changing a non in game file. when not using an nvidia gpu, physx is pushed onto the cpu. the cpu cannot compute as fast as a nvidia gpu in that case, so a performance loss is a bit greater.
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